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Kindness to our Community


COVID CARE: Prayer & Provisions

Since the start of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty and changes which it has brought with it have remained as ongoing challenges to our families, churches and communities. Everyone needs support from others, whether a neighbour, friend, parent or colleague, and this is all the more so in difficult times such as the circumstances we find ourselves in.


As part of this COVID Care initiative, we aim to provide assistance to those in need, whether it be through providing groceries, prayer or being the listening ear that others are seeking.

To register your interest in this initiative – whether as a care provider or recipient –  you can click below: 

FLOOD CARE: Prayer & Provisions

In light of the recent floods and storms that have swept our state, we are also launching an ICC Flood Response Team. The team will operate in different parts of Brisbane throughout the week. 

​If you are available to invest your time to help our wider community, or if you need the assistance of our Flood Response Team, please contact Ps Michael Chong on

Please also fill in your name, contact details, location and time or availability on the link below:

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