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What can I expect on a Sunday?

Sunday Service

We run a multi-campus church every Sunday with 2 services at Newmarket and 2 services at our Salisbury campus.


At Newmarket, our service times are at 9:30am and 5pm. We have a multicultural celebration service at 9:30am and we offer Chinese and Spanish translation in this service. At 5 pm, expect Healing, Miracles, Signs & wonders (HMS) at our evening Service.

Attend our 9:30am English service or 9:30am Chinese service at our Salisbury campus. The location for our Salisbury campus is Brisbane Christian College, 109 Golda Ave, Salisbury.


All services in Newmarket are live-streamed on


ICC Kids

Sunday is a fun day for kids at our ICC KIDS program. Starting from 9:30am, children aged 2 years to grade 6 will participate in an interactive bible-based program consisting of worship, lessons, games and activities. If this is your first time at ICC, speak to our ICC Kids Influencers at the entrance, and they will help you get your child settled in!


ICC ensures that all staff and volunteers have gone through a stringent Working With Children Checks to be an ICC Kids Influencer. ​


To help your child settle in, we suggest you check them in early to our ICC Kids program between 9am to 9:30am.

Nursery & Balcony Room

We also provide safe and quiet places for parents with toddlers and babies, where you can care for your young one yet stay connected with what is happening in the main auditorium.


Ask a host in a blue T-shirt to direct you to our nursery (for nursing mums) and balcony room (for toddlers).


During Our Services

After a short time of greeting one another, the worship team will lead the congregation in a time of singing, praise and worship. We have an expectation that all our services to be filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit, hence our services are comprised of dynamic powerful praise and worship, relevant life-changing messages, as well as times of allowing God to minister to his people in ministry, prayer and communion.

Praise & Worship is followed by a time of giving, which is part of our worship to God. This is followed by the weekly announcements and a welcome to all our new guests.  We may then have a special song presentation or testimony to share before the preaching/teaching of  God’s Word.  The service often concludes with a time of prayer and ministry or an altar call for people wanting to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. From time to time we will also host dynamic guest speakers from around the world.

What To Expect
Bringing Kids
During Our Services

Come And Join Us This Sunday

Some frequently asked questions

Do I have to be a Christian to come to ICC?

No, everyone is welcome to attend our services. Most are shocked at how fun our services are and how friendly the people are. There is never an obligation to become a Christian but if you would like to know more about God and the Bible, or meet new people, the church is a great place to start!

Do I have to pay for anything?

No, it’s free to attend our church services! We offer people an opportunity to give their tithes and offerings every week, but this is not compulsory. If it's your first time visiting our church, please join us at our welcome lounge where we can get to know you better over a cuppa. You will also receive a welcome gift pack.

Frequent Asked Questions
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