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Helping the Helping Hands!

Supporting Our Healthcare Workers

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Our Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers remain an essential, yet often underappreciated, part of our community, especially considering the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. ​

Our healthcare workers have their own livelihood, their own families, children and challenges - all of which they place secondary to the health and safety of our wider community. This initiative is an opportunity to repay them for their diligence and sacrifice.


What can you do?

We want to support our healthcare workers in any way we can, be it through buying groceries or keeping them in our prayers. 

​You can nominate healthcare workers to receive our assistance by using the Form below. Please ensure you indicate on the relevant question that the nominee is a healthcare worker. 

​Furthermore, you can join us in this initiative by volunteering your time to help us provide this assistance to them, through the same link.

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