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We are ICC Kids!

Our Kids Ministry Sunday program is an age specific fun filled program that is action-packed with worship, teaching, games and lots of other exciting activities. We aim to teach children to love, grow and encounter the Lord Jesus Christ.
Kids don’t have a junior Holy Spirit, they have the same Holy Spirit as all of us!

Our Programs

We look forward to seeing you Sunday mornings!

Check-in: 8.30am / Start time: 9:00am

Parents Induction

Some Important Information for parents sending their kids to ICC Kids


Fill Up The New Kids / Family Form

This process helps us get to know your child a little bit more. From name, age, allergies or any medical needs, it helps us to provide a safe and conducive environment for your child..

This form is best filled up before coming as it makes the process quicker on the sunday.

(It can also be filled onsite on sunday)

New Families Process

At ICC Kids we are excited to welcome every child into our programs. We partner with you parents, to help your child have the best experience in our kids programs.

This "New Families Process" is to help make your visit seamless and enjoyable. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


Check Your
Kids In Onsite

All kids need to be checked in to participate in our kids Sunday program. (check-in opens at 8:30am and closes at 9:15am)

At the kids check-in station, the team will will take you through a small process to get your kids check-in name and security stickers. (parents to keep the security sticker to pick your kids up)

The team will introduce you to the class teacher and show you the class your kids will be in.


After Service

When you pick your child up after service, the teacher will gladly have a chat and share with you how your child engaged in the class and the program

If there is any feedback, we would love to hear from you and will love to have you be part of our church family.


For More Information Contact Us at 0732571868 or email us at

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